[8 elements of a perfect girlfriend in a man’s heart]_Men

[8 elements of a perfect girlfriend in a man’s heart]_Men

If you want to check the standard of the perfect boyfriend in women’s minds, it is estimated that anyone can say a lot of words: rich, handsome, free time, not too much nonsense, punctuality, and so on.

Women’s minds are mainly about realistic factors such as money, appearance, and freedom.

So what about the ideal girlfriend in men?


With the standard body shape, the most popular body shape for men is 160 in height and 48 kg in weight.

This is different from the current concepts of “healthy weight” and “average weight”.

However, for some petite women, being plump can help you lose weight, but you can’t grow taller if you are too tall.

This is also nothing to do.

Surprisingly, although men’s favorite is not plump women, it is not skinny beauty.

The medium height is not fat or thin. The reason may be that it can give people a healthier feeling.

Therefore, women do not have to desperately lose weight.