[How to make shortcakes]_How to make_How to make

[How to make shortcakes]_How to make_How to make

The shortbread is made of crushed crispy oil cakes, and some fillings are added to the shortbread, or you can add dried plum pork belly, or other vegetables you like. The main role of the shortbread is the crispy appearanceIt has a lot of oil, and it will have a sweet and salty feeling. What are the tricks when making it, and what kind of fabrics need to be prepared, this is worth paying attention to.

Ingredients: flour, dried plums, diced pork fat, minced pork, sesame, leavened noodles, vegetable oil, syrup, refined salt, alkaline noodles.

On white flour 5.

75 tons of alkali noodles 7.

5 grams of rapeseed oil

5 thousand pepper oil 50 grams practice step 1.

To make crisps: Heat 250 g of rapeseed oil in the wok, remove from the heat, slowly pour in 750 g of white flour, stir quickly, and then put it in a pot and set aside for use.


For the noodles: Pour all the remaining white flour into the pot; use 2 for the alkali noodles.

15 pounds of water (60% cold water, 40% boiled water), first pour 60% alkaline water repeatedly to make a good noodle, then pour 25% warm water, knead into a shiny hard dough, and then the remaining alkaline waterSprinkle and squeeze the dough with your fist to make the alkaline water penetrate into the surface.

Then move the dough on the panel and knead it until there is a complication, pull it into long strips, apply clear oil, and pick 100 pieces of pasta that weighs about 65 grams. To prevent sticking, you can apply some oil to each pasta.Roll into strips of about 12 cm.


Making cakes: Squeeze the rolled strips and roll them into a 5 cm wide sheet with a small rolling pin, then apply 7 piece by piece.

5 grams of pastry, sprinkle with 0.

5 grams of salt and pepper, pick up the right face with your right hand, extend it and pull it again, and then fold it in three folds, each fold is about 20 cm long, and then roll from right to left. When rolling, use your right finger to pull slightly, left handPull the two-finger noodles wide on both sides and roll them into more than 10 layers. Then pull the remaining noodles long and thin, apply puff pastry, and twist into a snail shape (a short cake must be pulled about 4 meters long).

Upper palate: Press the dough into a small round cake with a thin center and a diameter of about 7 cm.

Pour 50 grams of oil into the pan, and discharge the buns one by one. The fire power under the pan should be evenly distributed.

Scattered around.

The firepower is concentrated in the center of the cymbal, so that the heart of the shortbread can be lifted and transformed into a rise of hair.

After about 3 minutes, remove the upper pan and pour 50 g of clear oil on the shortcake. Change the positions one by one according to the color of the fire to prevent scorching. Then cover the upper pan and turn the shortbread to the desired position after 1 minute.Evenly, both sides are crispy and yellow.