[Can the yam epidermis become green?]_ The yam epidermis becomes green.

[Can the yam epidermis become green?]_ The yam epidermis becomes green.

The surface of yam is green only because of sunlight, mold or iron oxidation. If it is not moldy, the surface of yam is green and edible. When storing yam, choose a cool, ventilated and dry placeSuch yam generally does not appear green.

How to save yam 1 and dig 1?
The trench is 2 m deep and about 1 m wide.

After the ground vines die, the yam is dug before the soil freezes, and the ditch follows the digging. The layer of yam and the wet soil are arranged neatly, the height is 800 Illl / 1, and the top is covered with a layer of wet fine soil.Cover the soil with the frozen soil layer at a distance of 50 Illl / 1 from the top of the yam. This method can store yam to 3 years in the next year?

2. Buried method On the concrete floor of the warehouse, use a brick to bury a pit about 1 m in height. Firstly, lay the bottom of the pit with about 100 mm thick dry mud or dry yellow sand that has been sterilized by the sun.Select the sun-dried yam and place it flat on the mud (sand) according to the steps. One layer of yam and one mud (sand) are piled up to about 100 Illl / 1 from the pit, and then sealed with dry fine mud or yellow sand.

After burial, there is no need for multiple inverted inspections, and sampling inspections are usually performed about once every 1 month.

When inverting the inspection, handle it lightly and do not scratch the epidermis of yam tubers. If it is found to be distorted, it should be removed in time to prevent it from spreading.

If it is found that the amount of mud (sand) cracks is too large, it can be inverted in advance, and it can be stored for 4-5 months until the temperature rises in the coming year.

At the beginning of germination, move into the cold storage to continue storage.

3. The basket storage method applies sun-sterilized straw or malt to the bottom and surrounding of the sterilized basket or box, and then stacks the selected yam layer by layer to 8 minutes, and covers the basket or box mouth with wheat flakes.It is then stacked in a warehouse by riding. The height is generally 3 baskets or 4 crates.

In order to prevent the influence of ground moisture on the roots, when piles are piled, bricks or wooden boards can be placed under the basket or the box, leaving a distance of about 100 mm from the ground.

4. Refrigeration method: Pack and select dried yam in a cold storage room or stack it on a storage rack. The temperature should be controlled at 1-5 ° C and the relative humidity 80%.
85%, pay attention to ventilation, so that yam maintains life activities during storage, reduces moisture loss, delays bad changes in flavor, quality, nutritional composition and appearance, etc., keeps it fresh, extends the supply period, and reaches the annual equilibrium supply to improve efficiency.