[What should a 16 month baby eat?]_ Children_What to do

[What should a 16 month baby eat?]_ Children_What to do

The 16-month-old baby already has certain teeth. At this time, you can bite something. At this stage, do not make some thin or soup soup for the child. You can try to have a little solid in the meal.It can be chewed, so that the child can practice the role of teeth, bones and molars, while ensuring that the baby can better regulate the digestive function of the stomach when eating these things.

How to add 1 year and a half baby complementary food?

Main food: Grain, vegetables, meat Supplementary foods: milk, eggs, cereals and beans Breakfast time: morning: breakfast: milk (200 ml) bread (25 g) (about 6 am) breakfast snack: stewed eggs (eggOne, 5 g vegetable oil) (around 8 am) Lunch: soft rice (40-50 g rice) steamed scallops (30 g with fish, seasoned with salt) stir-fried vegetables with shrimp skin (3 grams of shrimp skin, 50 grams of vegetables, 5 grams of oil) carrotsTofu soup (5 grams of carrot, 10 grams of tofu) (around 12 noon) Afternoon: lunch snack: a vegetable bun (25 grams of flour, 10 grams of meat, 10 grams of greens) citrus (50 grams) (around 3 pm)) Dinner: Soft rice (40-50 grams of rice), Fried peas with shrimp (25 grams of shrimp, 15 grams of peas, 5 grams of oil) Apple (100 grams) (about 6 pm) Dinner: Milk (200 ml) (10 pm)(Points around) Precautions for 1 1/2 year old baby diet 1 year old?
1 and a half-year-old babies are in the period of intellectual development. Parents usually add fish oil to their babies. In fact, babies can absorb all kinds of natural foods after 1 year of age. As long as the babies often eat deep-sea fish (such as salmon, salmon, salmon, etc.)), Naturally there will be no puzzle factor.

In particular, some parents mistakenly add cod liver oil as “fish oil”, which is not right. Once too much is harmful to health.

After the baby is 1 year old, many fruits can be eaten, but you must also wash and peel them. If you feed the baby with grapes, cherries and other small and round fruits, you need to be careful.Choking and choking.

In order to avoid allergies such as skin itching after eating fruits, some fruits can be boiled before feeding, such as pineapple and mango.

In addition, more sugar in the fruit will affect the baby’s milk and food intake, so it is best to feed the baby after feeding or eating.

Although animal livers are both nutritious and rich in vitamin A, it is better to have more.

Although the vitamin A contained in animal liver is a nutrient that is immeasurable for baby growth and development and is easily lacking, excessive intake of animal liver will also affect the baby’s health.

Eggs are still not a substitute for staple foods after 1 year of age, and some parents are growing stronger for their babies. They give their babies eggs at almost every meal, which is very unscientific.

Excessive intake of eggs will increase the burden on the baby’s gastrointestinal tract, and severe cases will cause indigestive diarrhea.