[This wild man girl turned out to be a favorite]

[This “wild man” girl turned out to be a favorite]

There is a very strange phenomenon. I wonder if everyone noticed it?

“Wolf War” hits the scene, the girls shout “Wu Jing is so handsome”; “True Man” hits the air, and the girls shout “Uncle Zhang Fengyi is so handsome” . It seems that suddenly they have forgotten the little fresh meat and the peopleHusband, they are again attracted by a man: strong, cold, irresistible, fierce, strong, exuding a wild dangerous breath.

Men come to conquer and possess, while women are in front of him, they just need to believe and follow.

Maybe that’s the most primitive and original love in the relationship between men and women. In fact, the one you love more is always the “wild” man.

First, “wild” men can give people a sense of security. “Wild” men are like beasts living independently in the wild. Strong, brave, and developed biceps are your best pillows.

In the event of unlawful infringement or accidental injury, he can better protect his woman.

Reproductive breeding, he can provide healthier genes.

How many women’s eyes can be attracted by the healthy muscles of “wild” men by the seaside or by the swimming pool, and how much vanity can satisfy their girlfriends?

No matter how bad they are, they can live healthier and stay with you until the end.