[Can pregnant women eat grilled fish fillets?

]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

[Can pregnant women eat grilled fish fillets?
]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

This kind of snack is very popular in recent years. Now you can buy grilled fish fillets in many supermarkets to eat. In addition, hot grilled fish fillets taste more delicious. According to reports, grilled fish fillets are rich in vitamin a.Vitamin d and other nutrients, proper eating of grilled fish fillet is good for hair health, women eat grilled fish fillet also has the effect of moisturizing the skin, so can women during pregnancy eat grilled fish fillet?

Can pregnant women eat grilled fish fillets?
Although pregnant women can eat grilled fish, they must be cautious, eat less, and not eat too often. This is extremely harmful to the health of obesity, but if you really want to eat it, then grill it.The occurrence of scorch cannot occur, and the added ingredients should not be too much, otherwise it will cause doping damage.

Reasons for pregnant women to eat grilled fish with caution: Fish is rich in protein and other nutrients, which is one of the foods that expectant mothers should eat during pregnancy, but grilled fish is not the case.

Expectant mothers try to eat less or not barbecue food during pregnancy.

Grilled foods put food on the grill, vitamins and amino acids are destroyed, proteins are denatured, which affects mothers’ replacement of these nutrients, and barbecued foods also hide carcinogens; therefore, the nature of grilled fish is biasedHotness, and spicy seasonings such as cumin, pepper, and pepper are more stimulating, and it is easy to stimulate the expectant mother’s digestive tract peristalsis and secretion of digestive juice, which may worsen constipation.

The correct way for pregnant women to eat grilled fish: if it is really mouth-mouthed, you can find a good grilled fish shop to eat once or twice occasionally, but not often.

And when baking, you can prevent the chef from scorching and adding too many ingredients.

In addition, the key to diet during pregnancy is to avoid partial eclipse. The diet should be much broader. Eat more high-protein and high-quality protein foods and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables so that nutrition is balanced.

Why can’t pregnant women eat hot pot 1 frequently? The raw materials for hot pots that are susceptible to parasites are mutton, beef, pork, etc. These raw meat slices may contain larvae of Toxoplasma gondii and other parasites of domestic animals or poultry.

When eating hot pot, people like to put the pieces of meat in the boiling pot and cook immediately. The short-term heating cannot kill the parasite. After eating, the larva passes through the intestinal wall and enters the whole body with blood.

Pregnant women may not be able to correct the infection significantly, but larvae may be transmitted through placental infection, affecting fetal development.

In addition, when eating hot pot, raw and cooked food are often mixed together, which may induce digestive tract corrosion.

2. There are hidden dangers in the soup base. Hot pot soup tends to have a heavier taste, some are red oil hot pot or Chinese medicine hot pot. The diet of pregnant women in the early pregnancy should be light, and spicy and traditional Chinese medicine should be avoided during pregnancy.

In addition, if you eat hot pot outside, you cannot guarantee the sanitary conditions of the hot pot soup base. Many hot pot restaurants may use some inferior oils, which will cause health risks to pregnant women.

3, imbalanced nutrition usually eat hot pot, Aunt Gao’s meat has never been less, there are some soy products and vegetables.

There are a lot of meats, and it ‘s easy to eat too much, and the meat soup is very high in purine.

According to doctors, if high-purity purines, high feces, and trace foods are too much, they will produce a certain substitution for the kidneys of healthy people.