[Women became normal in ancient China]

[Women became normal in ancient China]

Everyone certainly thinks that the ancient feudal thought was deeply ingrained, and the intercourse was definitely very feudal.

In fact, under the circumstances like ancient times, in ancient China, women became quite normal, and women’s derailment was also commonplace.

Let ‘s take a look next.

The protagonist in the sensation that changed the Tang Dynasty was Princess Gao Yang, the daughter of Emperor Taizong Li Shimin. Gao Yang did not like a husband of Wufu, and soon fell in love with Xuanzang’s high-defense defense machine.

The husband was willing to watch for them, and Gao Yang voted for his favor and presented two beautiful women, which meant that we should each play our own game, whoever cares about who!

This private affair was eventually found out, and Tang Taizong was furious, and Xia Xie punished his opponent with a severe punishment.

After the plane died, Gao Yang, who was extremely sad, once said, “The plane is my pride, and the love of the room is my shame.

“Maybe it was Love House and Wuwu. Later, Gao Yang openly accepted the three monks, and the three monks encouraged Gao Yang to start the court, and were eventually given death.