[What fish is high in protein]_How to eat fish_How to eat fish

[What fish is high in protein]_How to eat fish_How to eat fish

Fish is actually white meat that is often mentioned in nutrition. Compared with red meat, white meat contains higher protein, so for most people, you should eat more white meat.

No doubt, no matter which kind of fish is very good for the human body, especially for young children, eating more fish can help promote physical and mental development.

At this time, many people are wondering, which type of fish has the highest protein content?

Black fish is high in protein.

Black fish, as a valuable freshwater fish with high economic value, is known as “treasure in fish”.

Its nutrition is very rich. The meat contains a lot of protein, which is higher than that of chicken and beef.

It was determined that protein was contained in 100 grams of black fish meat.

8 grams, aunt 1.

4 grams, ash 1.

2 grams, 57 mg calcium, 163 mg phosphorus, 0 iron.

5 mg, water 77.

9 grams; contains traces of 383.

5 kJ.

Its protein is rich in amino acids.

Umami amino acids account for 47% of the amino acids naturally.

36%, the content of essential fatty acids accounts for about 16% of the total fatty acids.

Therefore, from the perspective of nutrition, black fish is a kind of high-end health food with comprehensive nutrition and delicious meat.

Black fish is used for food, and its bone spurs are few, and the edible supplement is 63%.

The monthly edible rate is as high as 75.


In the deep-frying, the black fish is smooth and smooth, with stir-fried fish fillets, fried fish scales, and side-burner; while the tartar is suitable for pot and stew.

“Fish fillet” cooked with black fish is a world-renowned delicacy.

Extended information: used in medicine, black fish has the functions of removing stasis and nourishing.

Eating black fish after surgery or wounds has the effect of promoting muscle healing, astringency, and promoting wound healing.

Frail patients, mothers and children who eat black fish regularly are good for health.

In the south and south, especially in Guangdong, Guangxi, and Hong Kong and Macao regions, blackfish is generally regarded as a tonic for patients and those who are physically weak.

Guangdong’s well-known “Sheng Yu Ge Cai Tang” has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, replenishing thirst, quenching thirst, and extracting toxins and muscles. It is very popular among the masses.

Blackfish has always sold well in foreign markets and is expensive. It is one of the important aquatic products exported by domestic foreign trade. It is very famous in the international market and its demand is increasing day by day.

In the domestic market, it is also a kind of aquatic products with high prices.