[What snacks are good for the stomach_What are snacks that are good for the stomach]

[What snacks are good for the stomach_What are snacks that are good for the stomach]

In life, many of us like to eat some snacks, and many snacks are a kind of puffed food, which has a great harm to the body and the stomach. Try to eat less, and there are many kinds of snacks that are good for the stomachYou can try to eat some snacks that are good for your stomach, usually you can drink some milk, or you can eat some apples and fruits, and you can also make some sweets.

What to eat is good for the stomach 1. Milk is a good choice first. Because milk contains rich nutrients, it can nourish the stomach, so for some people with poor stomachs, you can drink more milk.of.

Studies have found that milk has a very effective treatment effect on peptic ulcer, habitual constipation and other conditions.

Although it is said that milk has a good effect of nourishing the stomach, it can reduce diarrhea, spleen deficiency syndrome, wet syndrome and other patients are not suitable for excessive intake of milk in daily life.

2. For people with a bad stomach, porridge is also a good choice. You can put some peanuts and sugar in the porridge, so it will be better.

3, in addition to porridge has a good stomach nourishing effect, there is also a food that has the same stomach nourishing effect, that is soup.

The broth is best not to be a broth, because the broth is also rich in acidic substances, which is not conducive to nourishing the stomach.

The best soup is vegetable soup, some kind of spinach, vermicelli, egg soup, etc. You can also add some ingredients in it to flavor, so that the effect of nourishing the stomach will be more obvious.

4. Apple Apple is a very common fruit that can nourish qi and nourish the stomach. Everyone can eat a little bit. I hope everyone can pay attention.

5. Spinach is sweet and cool, can moisturize the liver, nourish the stomach, and relieve constipation.

“Diet Materia Medica” said it “to benefit the five internal organs, to pass the stomach and stomach, and to detoxify the poison.”

“Spinach can promote stomach and starch secretion, increase appetite, and aid digestion; rich fiber can also help peristalsis and facilitate bowel movements.

What are the snacks that are good for the stomach? What snacks can be eaten? The snacks that can be eaten for the stomach are as follows: 1. Yogurt, yogurt contains lactic acid, with a soft sour taste, can stay in the stomach, effectively protect the stomach wall.
Second, red dates, red dates have the function of nourishing the stomach, ripe dates to nourish the spleen and stomach, nourish the vitality and vitality, nourish the heart and lungs, nourish the blood and soothe the nerves.

Third, apples, apples are flat fruits, have the effects of refreshing the lungs, appetizing and sobering up, etc., very suitable for chronic gastritis, indigestion, chronic diarrhea, constipation and other people.

Fourth, walnuts, walnuts are good health foods, can nourish the stomach and appetite, reverse stomach pain, chronic gastritis and other food therapy.