[Can a woman’s place be touched by a man]

[Can a woman’s place be touched by a man]

Many flat-breasted girls also often hear jokes from men. I give you a recipe for your chest, which can easily be increased. If the girl is curious and wants to ask, what is the secret recipe?

Then be fooled, the man must say, let me massage it for you, and the touch will grow up slowly.

Just kidding, but there are too many men and women who believe this. Women’s breasts can really be enlarged. Is this really the case?

Is it really amazing that some beauty salons offer breast massage services that change you from “A” to “D”?

What factors determine breast size?

Does massage really have such a big effect?

And listen to expert analysis.

Factors Influencing Breast Size Breast size is related to many factors such as race, heredity, and weight and weight.

Generally speaking, women’s breasts are smaller than those of Western women. In addition, women with thinner breasts may have smaller breasts, and women with more plump breasts have fractures.

“He weighs no more than a hundred, either flat chest or short.”

This joke also reflects the effect of body shape on the breast to some extent.