[How to cook home-cooked hare]_ Hare _ Home-made practice _ How to make

[How to cook home-cooked hare]_ Hare _ Home-made practice _ How to make

It is also a food that many people like to eat.

Compared to farmed rabbits, the taste of hares is naturally better.

There are many ways to eat hare. Some people say that home-cooked hare is a dish that many people like to eat.

Some skills are also needed when making home-cooked hare.

Below, I will introduce the practice of home-cooked hare!

First, the introduction of the stewed hare Rabbits have seen many people, but the rabbits have seen more of the older generation, most people did not have the opportunity to get a glimpse of the beauty, the rabbits have been designated by the World Rabbit AssociationThe value of “beauty meat” and “healthy meat” can be imagined. Rabbit meat is a high-protein, low-feces, less-intake meat. The meat-free content contains up to 70% protein, which is higher than ordinary meat, butMinority and plasma levels are lower than all meats, so there is a statement of it.

What Xiaohai said to everyone today is “Studded rabbit meat of Eucommia ulmoides” is very useful for people with backache and backache.

2. How to stew the hare Ingredients and seasonings for stewing the hare: Rabbit Eucommia edible oil and salt chicken sperm ginger and Chinese wolfberry ginseng and old wine1, clean the rabbit and cut it into pieces.Many people are uncomfortable with the taste of rabbit meat, so preliminary treatment is particularly important, until the water in the meat is exchanged and the surface appears browned, then rinsed out in clean water for a while 2Inside, when stewing depends on your preference, you can add water or broth, and then add salt, chicken essence, ginger, wolfberry, codonopsis and old wine to stew. You can stew for as long as you want.Nen San, Food Tips Due to the cold nature of rabbit meat, the best season to eat rabbit meat is summer, autumn, winter and early spring. It is generally not appropriate to eat rabbit meat.

Cooking rabbit meat with other foods will add to the taste of other foods, so there is a saying about Baiwei meat.

Men and women with obvious symptoms of yang deficiency such as cold limbs should not eat rabbit meat.

Rabbit meat cannot be eaten with duck blood, otherwise diarrhea is likely to occur.