[Dried mushrooms can be eaten for a long time]_Shiitake_Can you eat them?

[Dried mushrooms can be eaten for a long time]_Shiitake_Can you eat them?

Dried mushrooms can’t be eaten for a long time, because mushrooms can cause toxin production for a long time, and poisoning and abdominal pain will be caused during eating. Therefore, we must control the soaking time of dried mushrooms to about 10 minutes.Time, and can be immersed in water at about 60 degrees, at the same time, any kind of food soaked for too long can not be eaten, nutrients will be lost by oxidation.

It is completely agaric, such as dried mushrooms, dried beans, dried daylily, dried kelp, etc. If soaked for too long, it may produce aflatoxin and other biotoxins; after consumption, it may produce vomiting, diarrhea and other poisoning symptoms.

Summer is a period of high incidence of various types of food poisoning. Generally, the sources of food that cause poisoning are wild vegetables, spoiled cold dishes, overnight dishes, etc. The most frequent people are children, middle-aged and elderly people, and people with weak digestive system functions.

Only when the weather is too hot and the foam is too long, biotoxins are produced. As long as you pay attention to the foaming time and method, you can still eat with ease.

If you find that the dried vegetables are sticky and smelly, you must discard them instead of eating.


Dust and sand cleaning Because fresh mushrooms will inevitably fall into some dust during the drying process, soak them before eating.

When soaking, rinse the surface of the mushrooms with cold water, then spread the bacteria with warm water to fold, and then gently rotate in one direction with your hands to allow the sediment to sink slowly into the bottom of the basin.


Dried mushrooms to enhance the taste of the first one-60?
After washing the dried mushrooms at 80 ℃, it is best to use 60?
Immerse in hot water at 80 ℃ for a while, because the enzyme activity is high at this temperature, which contains its ribonucleic acid to degrade into ursinic acid, which is delicious when eating.

If you soak in cold water, the umami taste will not come out and it will be boring.

The water soaked in the mushrooms is added after removing the sediment or replenishing, so the water soaked is not easy to be too much, the time can be controlled by yourself, and the mushroom body can be completely softened.


Tip 2 for adding flavor to dried mushrooms-Adding sugar water can also soak the cleaned dried mushrooms in sugar water at about 40 ° C, so that the soaked mushrooms retain the substituted aroma, and because they are immersed in sugar, cookingAfter the taste will be more delicious.

Of course, this is only for the general mushroom foaming technique, and some special mushrooms, such as fungus, will foam for a longer time. You must remove the substances that cause induction, and some mushrooms that are prone to worms can be addedSoak in fresh brine.