[Can ginseng fruit be eaten raw]_ 仙 果 _Can you

[Can ginseng fruit be eaten raw]_ 仙 果 _Can you

Ginseng fruit is a very good health fruit, also known as the king of fruits. Usually, it can be eaten directly when eating ginseng fruit. This way it helps the nutrients in it to be absorbed by the body.

Of course, you can also use ginseng fruit for cooking. Some people say that fried meat with ginseng fruit not only has high nutritional value, but also tastes very good. Usually, eating some ginseng fruit properly is also good for the body, and it has a certain degree of tumor prevention.effect.
Can ginseng fruit be eaten raw? Ginseng fruit can be eaten directly. Ginseng fruit is a fruit with high nutrition and high health value, which can be washed and eaten directly.

Second, how to eat ginseng fruit 1, eat fresh raw ginseng fruit.

Must be fully mature to have a light and delicate aroma, yellow flesh, refreshing and juicy, and unique flavor.

2. Ginseng fruit fried meat slices: 250 grams of ginseng fruit, 100 grams of pork, salt, monosodium glutamate, vegetarian oil, cooking wine, spring onion, ginger, and soy sauce.

First remove the ginseng fruit, wash and slice it, then wash the pork and cut into thin slices; stir-fry the meat under the pan, add the ginseng fruit slices and seasoning when it is mature, and then fry and serve.

3. For cold mixed ginseng fruit, wash and slice the fully matured ginseng fruit into a dish.

Add an appropriate amount of fine salt to pickle for a while, pour out the leaking water, and add an appropriate amount of garlic, MSG, rice vinegar and sesame oil, mix well and eat.

4, steamed ginseng fruit is about to wash ginseng fruit.

Cut to 2/3.

Connect a part of the peel to the flesh, dig out the puppet, and fill the meat with it.

Steam in a cage, remove and let it warm, and cut it into slices with a clean sharp knife.

Then eat it.

In addition, as a vegetable, it can be fried, braised, stewed, etc .; deep processed into ginseng fruit juice, canned, preserved fruit, ice cream, cheese, jam, fruit wine, candied fruit, etc.